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What does being an entrepreneur mean to you?

Back in 1983, entrepreneurship was associated with a personality disorder, and although there are a few crazy entrepreneurs around I don't think we're a crazy bunch - we just love to innovate and challenge that status quo. 

When I call myself an entrepreneur I feel like I'm making a difference in the world, that I'm creating something bigger than myself without any regards to the risk involved. Doing whatever it takes. Being an entrepreneur means that I am free from societies definition of a career, and of a path that is already laid out. It means running into the woods when there is a bushwalking track. At the end of the day I'm proud to be an entrepreneur.

What does being a entrepreneur mean to you? 

Edwina Gleeson

Edwina Gleeson, Founder at Max Gabriel

Hi Wendy

I never saw myself as one until someone pointed it out to me!  I always thought they were people like Richard Branson or Bill Gates, successful and genius.  But an entrepreneur is someone that go out into the world and creates their vision.  Sometimes successfully and sometimes not.  Doesn't matter, the fact is they grabbed the bull by the horns to see what would happen.

The other reason I never saw myself as one is quite simply because entrepreneur is a word I have a real problem pronouncing, I can entertain my husband for hours trying to say it correctly, sad but true. 

David Solomon

David Solomon, Business Performance Strategist at

There is so much misunderstanding about the term entrepreneur. After all, depending on where you were born or how long you have lived, being an entrepreneur may be either a good thing or have negative connotations. Here are the top 6 characteristics in my definition of an entrepreneur:

Passion - Every entrepreneurial individual starts with a passion for what they are doing. For them money is a motivator, but not the prime motivation.

Problem orientation - Most entrepreneurs set out to solve a problem. For many it is about doing something for customers that would enhance their lives. They are passionate about providing value and quality to customers.

Perseverance - Success has been a long time coming for many entrepreneurs, and most have to work long and hard at getting it “right”. It doesn’t happen overnight, but these individuals have the determination and belief to keep going when many would give up and get a job.

Lack of orthodoxy - Entrepreneurs think of doing things differently: a pocket sock, a flat chicken, a new way of looking at financial planning. They put ends and means together in different permutations.

Vision - All have a vision of a business that helps lots of people – a big dream.

Fearlessness about changing direction - If top entrepreneurs hit a roadblock, they will find a new way to do things rather than give up. They make things happen.

Some entrepreneurs end up being very wealthy as a result of their endeavours, but this is only a small percentage. Many will have business failures and many will simply make a living. But the rationale for the entrepreneur is “At least I am doing it on my terms”.