Anyone know any reliable app development platform like wordpress or website builder for web?

One of my small business friend is looking for mobile app for his business.

Uttam Jha

Uttam Jha, Owner at

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You can have a look at our platform

  • No contracts No lockin
  • Free hosting
  • Start anytime stop anytime
  • Pay by the month
  • Responsive CMS website
  • If you dont like the templates, you can BYO and we will fix it for a small price.

Uttam Jha

Uttam Jha, Owner at

SAw you are after mobile apps . maybe this can help -

Steven Freeman

Steven Freeman, Owner at

Show us some links of real clients using your product. This is the first thing many prospective clients would like to see. This can't be found on your site.

Narine Poghosyan

Narine Poghosyan, Community Manager at

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Hi Uttam, 
Checked the article, I was only familiar with AppMakr. Which one would you suggest using from all of these apps? Which is easier to use?