Opal Daniels

What is the the best way to learn Digital Marketing (SEO, SEM, SMO etc)?


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Uttam Jha

Very good question. I guess you can learn the tricks but you cannot learn marketing. it comes with time and practice. Mostly you evolve. You love your product so you can talk about it and then only you can sell it with confidence.

It is the same on the digital world. you have channels and you filters and pipelines etc at the end of the day you need to look for subject matter specialist depending on what you are selling.

Dont get me wrong, I am not discouraging you, but yes you can learn "What is What" and "What impacts what" but no book will tell you "What works". At the end of the day you want to connect to your customers depending on the age group, lifestyle and buying habits.

For example - I have had clients spending thousands on google ppc for selling fashion wear for their eCommerce sites. At the end of the day, their target audience dont go to google, they spend more time on social channels and music channels. but yeah try explaining that to a client who has read "All the SEO" online and still thinks that spending crazy on google ppc will get him sales.

In conclusion - Never keep all your eggs in one basket, focus on retargeting platforms, look for prospecting tools on social media and spend your marketing dollars wisely. please read this

Jennifer Lancaster

Jennifer Lancaster Owner at I Want That CRM

Hi there Opal,

I'm a bit of a learn-at-home kind of gal. I started in 2009 with the huge book "SEO: An Hour a Day", added in some optimising our own websites with Wordpress Yoast SEO (a plug in, but also a learning tool), learnt some insights from Perry Marshall on running Adwords (in the old days when you got good keyword clicks for a dollar). Now I learn about LinkedIn.

But the best learning tool I found is Upcity SEO - which I used to grow my own site, from finding keywords to "how to" register your site and start socialising at all the best places on the web. Their 'smiley face' dashboard is really easy to understand for anyone as well.

I built a little learning site www.FixMyOwnSEO.com built around these teachings, so I hope this helps.