Uttam Jha
Uttam Jha at Tyche Infotech Pty Ltd

Is there a conflict of interest if an SEO company outsources to another SEO company?

Would this become an issue for you? Are there any red flags?

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Jef Lippiatt

Jef Lippiatt, Owner at Startup Chucktown

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I would say that is at least questionable. Especially if they are not transparent about why they outsourced the work they were doing for you. If it was because another company specializes in something they currently don't offer, than it may be okay.

However, if they outsourced all of your work to the other company. Why would not just work directly with the company they sent your work? If this is what has happened, cut out the middleman company and look for cost savings or better communication and interaction with the company actually doing the work for you.

Katina Beveridge

Katina Beveridge, Director at

Hi Uttam, Generally speaking it is not a conflict of interest if a company has contracted the second company to do the work. The company may not have the capacity or the capability of performing the work. My concern would lie with the quality of work that is coming out of a company that is being used. Who is checking the output? As business owner is really is important to ask questions like who is doing the work performed? How is the quality of worked checked? With SEO it is a results based program, however if you don't know what the company is doing to achieve these results, your website may end up being penalised. Some companies use old school techniques that can get results fast however it comprises quality and as mentioned and potentially can damage your website in Googles eyes. Meaning no rankings at all in the search engines.