When do I have to pay super? Are there any penalties for not paying superannuation?

Can a small business avoid paying super for say 6 months or so? Are there any penalties for not paying super?

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Shaun Farrugia

Shaun Farrugia, Director at Optimised Accounting

Hi Uttam,Businesses need to pay employees super at least every three months. Whilst you could not physically pay super for 6 months it is against the law.The official time frame is as follows:July - September - Payable by 28 OctoberOctober - December - Payable by 28 JanuaryJanuary - March - Payable by 28 AprilApril - June - Payable by 28 July.The penalties for not paying super by these dates are fairly stiff. With SuperStream becoming mandatory from July 1 I'd be expecting that the ATO will start monitoring this a lot more carefully in the very near future. Hope this helps,Shaun

Uttam Jha

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Thanks Shaun - Noted :)

Melanie Gray

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Not all employees need to pay super.It is illegal not to pay super to those entitled for super in Australiahttps://www.ato.gov.au/business/super-for-employer...