What do I need to know when looking to buy a cleaning franchise?

I wish to purchase a franchise business in the cleaning industry. I've selected some prospect franchisors and this one ( http://joinfantastic.com.au/melbourne/cleaning-franchise/ ) is my top choice. Is there anyone who has purchased the same franchise or anyone who can give me advice on what I should know before I invest in this business? All opinions are appreciated.

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Veronika Adriane

Veronika Adriane

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Hi Scott, I'm glad I can help you with this one as I'm can share some information right from the source. I've been involved with the foregoing company for some time now and I can give you a heads up on the business development process.

Once you become part of the franchisees, you'll need to get through an extensive training session that will guide you through all the management techniques you'll need to enquire to be able to solve any issue in times of a business crisis.

You'll work with a team of cleaners with professional experience in the field. All cleaners in your team will be fully vetted and insured.

Marketing, Customer Care and other departments of the company will help you establish and maintain your online presence.

You'll receive access to to an internal booking management software that will help you keep your teams and service appointments on schedule.

As part of the franchisees, you'll receive booked sessions ready for completion and you'll be get a minimum of bookings to guarantee your business growth and turn your company into a profitable investment.

Some personal advice.

Franchising may seem hard at first but it's also an invaluable business strategy when dark days come. You'll receive support and know how to help you deal with any business outcome. The industry sector you've chosen is popular as a market with inexhaustible capacity. This means you'll be hardly getting a low number of bookings and you'll be most likely able to grow more quickly in comparison with businesses in other industry sectors.

Last but not least, make sure to enjoy and learn from every moment of your business development. Business ownership is a remarkable journey and you should take the best from it.



Hi Scott

I don't know that company or the specific industry but as a rule these are the things any good franchisor will be doing for you.

1) they have good systems for every process in the business and will train you on this

2) they are really going to help you on lead generation and also support and encourage you to take responsibility for local marketing of your own business too. they should be able to show you successful examples of them generating leads and also local franchisees marketing successes too. and beware it isn't just ads and brochures - they should have a national or state marketing strategy that supports all franchisees

3) they should have a good reputation - speak to existing franchisees and get their thoughts too

4) they should have good policies in place and clear concise explanations of what is expected of you

Overall, you want them to be interested in you having a successful, sustainable business, and not be in the business of 'selling franchises' if you know what I mean.

Once again, these comments are general and based on over 15 years experience in marketing and consulting to small business and working with franchises in different markets.

I don't know the company you've mentioned, and I'm not commenting on their specific delivery of the above key success factors for you.

Hope this helps