If you have joined a rewards program as a business, what made you join and why?

If you were to join, what sort of value would be compelling enough to get you over the line?

Jef Lippiatt

Jef Lippiatt, Owner at Startup Chucktown

I'm in several rewards programs in different markets

  • My Printing Vendor - I"m a Gold Level VIP based on amount spent within a rolling 12 month period. Previously I was a Silver Level and I'm a ways out from being a Platinum. Benefits? I get automatically discounted prices on all print materials (tiered based on my current VIP level). The program also gives me free file reviews and other things. Why do I like it? It saves me money on things I'm already buying and I didn't have to enroll in anything (very low barrier to entry).
  • Staples - Getting discounts on office supplies. Signing up only took a minute and it was free. I can get credits for bringing in old print cartridges and buying multiples (5 to 10 of same SKU). I haven't really saved a lot, but again fairly easy to get involved.

For me, low barrier to entry or ease of joining is important. Make using the program invisible or efficient for me to use regularly. Ensure that I'm getting some value out of it or why bother being part of the program.