What are the steps of creating a content marketing strategy that works best for SEO?

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Katina Beveridge

Katina Beveridge, Director at

Hi Leanne,The best content marketing strategy is to write and publish content online which is written for your target audience especially ones that you’re sure they’ll love and consume. The web is full of content that is not interesting. The user experience for your website or the amount of time an audience spends reading your content does affect your SEO rankings therefore you want keep your content as engaging as possible in order to keep them longer on your website. Another thing to keep in mind would be the proper use and placement of keywords on your blog. Lastly, it would be a good idea to have a content marketing plan within your marketing funnel. The top of the funnel being to bring awareness to your products, services or your brand in general. Then the middle part would be to have your prospects gain interest on your products or services. Then the bottom part of the funnel would be focused on converting them into actual customers. I hope this helps :)

Jennifer Lancaster

Jennifer Lancaster at I Want That CRM

Just to add to that, my blog attracts people due to the fact I used tools that help with being listed everywhere in my category, and researched what writers most want to know about - both in keyword search and in a LinkedIn author group. Writing a helpful user guide and offering it as an opt-in will help you collect more interested folk's emails for the long term. A couple of posts sporadically won't cut the mustard; once you've got 50 optimised articles or so all mobile friendly, then you'll get the visits rising. Good luck!

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