What are effective marketing strategies for marriage and family therapists?

What are some marketing tactics that have proven to be very effective for marriage and family therapists?

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Erik Bigalk

Erik Bigalk, Founder and CEO at

Being a large and yet defined target market and one that may not openly look for solutions as one would if looking to buy a car or new furniture, there are aspects that can be viewed as hurdles.  The media and marketing landscape we dwell in nowadays is all about real value content, as such I would recommend producing content that addresses common issues in relationships and families and deliver it across different mediums - text, visual and video.

By addressing common pain points and offering valuable tips and suggestions, the audience that can relate to these will naturally feel drawn to it (providing it can be found) and the flow-on will be that they may click through to more content or reach out directly through social media or websites. The outreach, therefore, is as important as a smooth and effective UX in order for those interested to get to a more personal point of contact within a few clicks.

There are ample tools available to help with this, such as LeadCaller.com.au (instant lead response management) and of course digital and offline avenues to build and position your brand and content so that it can be found by your target groups.

Bringing real value (tips, insights, stats) as well as real feedback, Q & A and testimonials to your audience is the best way to build trust (fundamental in this field) and position you as a go-to solution (expert) in all things relationship/family therapy. Utilising different forms of publishing might be a great additional avenue to explore in order to build your brand and deliver value-added content to your audience, be it local or on a larger scale.

Online, social media, PR, publishing, and presenting are powerful ways to reach your target market. However, being such a specialised industry and one that is not broadscale, it requires delicate messaging through the right channels and in line with your brand and especially your personal brand. We have worked extensively we unique and specialised brands to know that the same tactics such as used for broad-scale marketing will not work as well here, however the above will work well if executed in the right way. Best of luck! ;)