How exactly does SEO work?

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Jef Lippiatt

Jef Lippiatt, Owner at Startup Chucktown

I think an easy way to explain SEO is

  • SEO - is what you can do to make your website more attractive to search engines without paying them money for higher ranking.

SEO is all about

  • creating great content (articles, lists, videos, podcasts, pictures, etc.) that is focused on your customer and their needs.
  • it is making the content easily shareable for your customers to pass on to friends and/or colleagues (this will create content that links back to you - a good thing)
  • keep repeating first two bullets. Post consistently and frequently
  • if your website isn't responsive or adaptive to mobile devices, do that now! (search engines especially Google give better rankings for sites that are optimized for all devices)


  • keyword stuffing (don't over use terms for the sake of trying to increase SEO ranking - it can get you black-listed or demoted in rank)
  • don't bait and switch (don't use a title / link that is unrelated to the content of the post - search engines don't like it and customers like it even less)
  • asking anyone and everyone to post links on their websites for your website (you want quality over quantity - again search engines are looking for "relevant" links so only focus on people or businesses that are related to your offerings)

Frequent articles or blogs that keep you up to date on the latest search engine ranking changes so you can always keep your strategy up to date.

Melanie Gray

Melanie Gray, Managing Owner at

Top 10% Accounting

I assume you are talking about Google SEO.Google SEO is very complicated and constantly changing.It’s constantly changing because Google is constantly improving the Google search to find better ways to match people with what they are looking for.So rather than understand exactly how it works, put your efforts in providing useful content that matches what people are looking for. Lots of market research will help work this out.Some other tips to help increase your Google ranking includeMake sure all links on your website work Includewords that people would use to search you (you’ll need to do some market research) but don't over do it.Make it read well.Include links to websites that are relevant to your business Have websites that link to yours that are relevant to your business