What software do SEO companies use?

ScrapeBox, TBS, XRumer, SEnukeX, BMD... Are these tools helpful? What other tools do SEO consultants/companies use?

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Barry Sharf

Barry Sharf, Co-President at Emerchant Advance - Discount Merchant Funding

Most of SEO companies use below tools to do their job very well.

Google Webmaster

Google Analytics

Keyword Planner

Google Ad-words (PPC)




Lucy Cook

Lucy Cook, Solopreneur at Lucy Cook

Semrush is one of the best tools for SEO! It actually lets you spy on your competitor's ads,keywords and traffic. Pretty cool stuff!

Cliona Elliott

Cliona Elliott, Senior Editor at

Different agencies have different preferences when it comes to SEO tools and software. However, there are some popular tools across the board including:

  • SEMrush - an awesome all-in-one tool suite for SEO, PPC, social media, research, auditing, backlink analysis, etc
  • Moz - Another great all-in-one software for all things SEO
  • Google Search Console - a great tool to measure site traffic, performance and bugs
  • Google Analytics - track and measure all your website analytics on Google 
  • Keyword Planner - get keyword ideas and suggestions for SEO and PPC
  • SEOquake - a great free plugin for various SEO metrics 
  • Keyword Surfer - a free extension that gives you search volume data on-screen