Is dropshipping safer and easier than having products on hand?

I would love to get some opinions on this from people who have a dropshipping business.

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Carol Jones

Carol Jones, Owner at Interface Pty Ltd

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Good morning Kirsten from rural Australia,

Drop shipping. I've engaged in it in the past. And found it a very successful way to offer new products. Without having to stock them.

This is when you offer a product that you don't stock.

And arrange to have the supplier ship it to your customer.

Amazon does this all the time.

This is how it worked for me.

We had an offer on our website for current customers called The Private Offer Vault.

We searched the internet for high quality products that would suit our customer profile. That we wouldn't have to buy in and stock.

We made arrangements with the supplier to ship the product from their premises when they received an order from us. With payment of the product.

We took the order. Received payment. Banked the revenue. And created the appropriate paperwork for the supplier to include in the product when shipping.

Which we emailed to them. Along with a direct deposit into their account of the funds agreed upon to ship the article.

Because we're fussy about how our customers are treated, we entered into a formal agreement with our suppliers as to how quickly they will ship once receiving payment and papers.

How the parcel will be packed. And how the paperwork inside the parcel will be presented. No shoddiness allowed. We want our customers to know we care about them.

They had to provide us with proof of despatch. Complete with date and tracking information.

And enter into a further agreement as to what happens if the parcel doesn't arrive. Or arrives damaged.

Whose responsibility is this? And how will the problem be rectified in favour of the customer? This IS crucial.

Not all suppliers will agree to any. Or part of. The above.

Most suppliers who drop ship are simply warehouses which employ people who actually don't care how the parcel looks when it goes out.

And take no responsibility for missing parcels. Or damaged goods.

We stayed away from them.

And approached only boutique businesses who appreciated the value we could add to their business.

It's not hard to arrange.

And it broadens your product range. Without having to outlay extra capital to buy in stock that may. Or may not. Sell.

You do have to make sure that you, and the supplier who is drop shipping for you, are on the same wavelength as far as customer service is concerned.

We had such success with this in the past, we're contemplating doing it again in the near future.

I hope this helps, Kirsten.

Best wishes,

~Carol Jones, Ironing Diva❤

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