What do you outsource?

Where did you find the right person?

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Melanie Gray

Melanie Gray, Managing Owner at

Top 10% Insurance

For my computer repair business, I plan to outsource everything eventually.

  • I found some awesome computer technicians by advertising in Gumtree for free so I try have all jobs done through them. The selection process was very time consuming having to filter over 50 applications to find the ones that would be a good fit for the business.
  • I connected with a local VA at a networking event. I can divert calls to her and have her book appointments through the business' on-line booking system. Haven't engaged her yet to do this work but I will once I get too busy to answer calls.

Steven Freeman

Steven Freeman at

Top 10% Web Development

Anything and everything that some-one else can do better or more efficiently providing it doesn't compromise the integrity of your business and level of service to your clients. Front line customer related activity are the ones which are higher risk to outsource.