Can anyone help me with some advice as to how I can create a short video to help promote my products?

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Tanya Williams

Tanya Williams Owner at

Video is a great promotion tool. As previously suggested start with what your goals are for the video? What outcomes do you want? How long should it be for your unique audience?

I personally would not use Fiverr for this. It always costs more than you think for video, whiteboard and explainer content - so beware. You can create video very easily using your iphone or a live streaming platfform like Blab (which will record and send you the link), adding a professional top & tail using Google Editor then uploading to You Tube or Vimeo to host (depending on your goals). Or you can also try live streaming video platforms (again, depends on your goals). Be aware of lighting, sound and scripting. Plus I suggest using a Teleprompter app for recording (best $15 you will ever spend)

You can have a look at my video channel for more tips and how to's

Hope that helps, Have fun!


Beata Steiner

Beata Steiner , Director at Absolutely Corporate

Great advice Tanya, thanks for sharing!
Tanya Williams

Tanya Williams , Owner at

no problem Beata (apologies for the very late comment back to you) :-)
Rafael Med

Rafael Med

try this place. great Hub

Terry Chadban

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The type of videos would depend on the actual products, but most smartphones now have good enough video resolution to produce "How To" videos showing how to use your products. If you are comfortable being on-camera, or have a friend to help out, you could do an 'explainer' video on your smartphone or DSLR explaining the benefits of the product.

Or as Rafael mentioned, you could get an animated video done on Fiverr very cheaply. Ironically, the key to producing good videos is in fact having good audio, so invest in a lapel mic rather than use the built-in audio in your smartphone or DSLR and your videos will be much better. Boya and Rode both make very good mics which are reasonably priced.
Andrew Edwards

Andrew Edwards , at Online Marketing Solutions

I just recorded a video answering that question:
James Huy Vuong

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if you are using chrome - is simple enough if you are wanting to make your own.