What is neuromarketing and how does it work?

Can anyone explain what neuromarketing is, how it works, the benefits and how small businesses can utilise it?

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Lauren Clemett

Lauren Clemett, Director at Ultimate Business Propellor

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Hi Noreen, Yes indeed!

I have been using and training Neurobranding with hundreds of clients over the past few years. We recently won a Stevie award for our Neurobanding program for SME's.

It comes from a passion for consumer behaviour and constant need to know WHY people buy.

Specifically I work with professional service providers, because they sell 'the invisible' - their time, expertise etc.

It always intrigues me as to why a client chooses a particular service provider, especially when there is so much choice...

Is it reputation, cost, experience, personality???

In reality it's none of these.

It's the provider having 100% confidence in themselves and knowing they are the go-to expert, and the prospect having 100% confidence they can deliver what they promise.

Neurobranding is understanding how he brain sees brands and how to instill that confidence in milliseconds, every single time they interact with your brand.

Neurobranding enables your brand identity to tell a whole story, complete with memory building recognition and packed with emotion to lock your brand into their recall centre and increase your trust currency.

Examples of great Neurobranding include the Toblerone brand, Fedex, Amazon and Baskin Robbins...they use images and colour to send messages the brain 'gets' instantly.

To help you, the key steps are:

1) Know exactly what the single minded purpose is of your brand
2) Tap into your ideal clients demographics, Psychographics and Personal Communication Style so you know the sweet spot for your brand message
3) Research the colours and images that best communicate your brand strategy
4) Decide what emotion you want your brand to create

I hope this has helped. If you want to know more Peter Steidl has a great book about it on Amazon and you are welcome to take a look at examples on the Ultimate Business Propellor page.

Yee Trinh

Yee Trinh, Cofounder at

Would love to see an article on this Lauren!

Lauren Clemett

Lauren Clemett, Director at Ultimate Business Propellor

Sure Yee, I will add.