Dennis Brewer

What are good techniques to stay in the news?

It's easy to get in the news if you announce funding, a new product, etc. But what are great techniques to keep a high profile over a period of time?


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Jules Brooke

Jules Brooke Founder and Director at Handle Your Own PR

Hi Dennis

There are lots of ways you can get ongoing presence in the media, but not always the news.

If you want to learn about publicity and how to make your business (or yourself) newsworthy then you will need to understand what the media are looking for. For instance, have you got advice you can offer that related to your business and would drive people there to find out more? Is there a problem that you have the answer for? Do you read articles in the media (or on radio or TV) where you can offer another perspective? or maybe you can add to the information that is being discussed? If so then contact the journalist or Producer and explain your position.

The media (all media) are hungry for stories as they have such a high turnover - they just don't want advertorial or commercial stories about your business. But if you want to offer up advice to help other people then they will be interested.

There is a lot to it (although it's not rocket science!) but if you are looking for more info, or just for suggestions for the types of angles you could use to 'spin' your story then take a look on my website. There are lots of suggestions on there. Or feel free to ask another question and I'll try to help you!

Candice Meisels

Candice Meisels , Consultant at Candice Meisels PR

Hi Dennis

You can definitely get media exposure beyond or between a launch or news announcement.

You need to come up with story angles and pitch them to relevant media.

I specialise in start ups and find that they don't have much budget. After launch or major announcements, we get media exposure by coming up with creative, unique and relevant story angles.

Wishing you all the best!