I'm running Facebook ads but no one is signing up on my website, what do I do?

I'm using Facebook ads to drive traffic to my website (Home). Many people have clicked the ad but very few people are signing up to my waiting list, why is this? People are interested in the service as they have clicked the ad and also expressed so, but they won't input their email and sign up...

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Joel Warren

Joel Warren, Designer & Strategic Marketter at Wiild Interactive

Hi Cassie,

This is a common senario. The main problem is you are directing traffic with what I assume is an engaging ad if it's getting clicks, but then you directing them to a homepage - which generally don't have a strong sales narrative. I'm generalising here but that's my experience.

If you visit your own website is there a clear direction to take the action you want people to take?

If so- great, but then consider if the websites directive as related to what you discuss in your ad? If not people may be getting confused or not finding the right action to take on your website.

If you are directing paid traffic to your website it worth considering this as a "campaign" and setting up the supporting structure to make it successful. I.e. use a landing page specific to the ad, so you get a consistent message that's obvious and can't be mistaken.

Consider what you are giving people in exchange for signing up? Are you targeting the right market? is it valueable to that market? Are you expecting too much from a single interaction? Do you have a something in place to nuture them after they sign up so they eventually purchase?

Sorry bit of a brain dump, but hopefully there are some gem's in there.

If you reply with more detail I can advice more specifcally.

Be amazing,
Joel Warren

Jef Lippiatt

Jef Lippiatt, Owner at Startup Chucktown

Great answer Joel.

Rebecca Carroll-Bell

Rebecca Carroll-Bell at

Great advice Joel.

I use Facebook ads for a few different reasons. Sometimes its to get people to like the post, and from there I invite them to like the page. Sometimes its to get them to sign up for a free offer (also called an opt-in or lead magnet), in which case I direct them to a LeadPage specifically set up to garner their email address in return for a free resource that is of value to them. And sometimes I throw $10-$20 at a post just to see what happens.

When I first started using Facebook ads I was bitterly disappointed that people were not clicking, signing up etc. Now I treat each campaign as a bit of an experiment - did it work, who is looking, who is clicking, which posts do they like/not like.

As Joel said, please feel free to add more detials and tap into the power of the Savvy SME Mastermind.