Vikas Ivan

What is the best way to attract young marketing talent for your small organization?


2 Answers

Chloe Constantinides

Chloe Constantinides Co-Founder | Creative Director at Dapper Apps

Write engaging copy in your recruitment ad that actually speaks to them. Marketing people are generally more outgoing personalities, sociable and with creative flair. You're essentially competing with advertising agencies so have a look at how they attract them.

Run your ads on marketing/advertising blogs such as Campaign Brief. Look beyond Seek. Also advertise your job on social media.

Think about what young people want - work-life balance (maybe offer flexi-time), a creative working space, a social atmosphere, being part of something they can be proud of (delivering quality work, corporate social responsibility efforts, working for a reputable company).

Steve Osborne

Give them something beyond a pay cheque. Give them challenges, respect and compliments.

Give them something to believe in.