Shey Zhang

Asked this question on 30/5/16 -Business Planning

What is the best business to start in a village or small city?

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Candice Meisels

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Hi Shey,

I am not sure what kind of business you are looking to start but here are two possible solutions.

1. You could create an e-commerce, online or virtual business where location does not matter.

2. You could see what your small city or village needs and what you could provide that fills a gap in the market.

To create awareness of your small business/start up, you could try get local media coverage and use local social media.

Hope that helps!


Jef Lippiatt

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I think that Candice hit the nail on the head. However, I want to add that you should only start a business that you are personally passionate about. If you are not passionate, the business is not likely to succeed in the long-term because you need that passion to get through the ups and downs of business life. However, I think identifying gaps in your local market is a good starting point (only move forward with something you find interesting and/or exciting).

Brad Lyons

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it really comes down to the limits and based on your question the limits are pretty set in stone. If you are looking for a business that only trades locally to that small village you really want to make sure you know what the locals want on a regular basis. Selling "one time" items is going to dry up quickly so consumables would be ideal to ensure you have repeat business.

However I would never recommend anyone just setup a business with the mind set of a limited consumer base.

If you mean on the other hand what business can you start and run from a small village. Anything online comes to mind. Are there local products you can sell to the world, do you want to settup a drop ship account with a wholeseller and start selling world wide. So many options however I would recommend you do something you have a passion for. It makes it easier to press on when most would just walk away.