Are Facebook ads or Google ads better value for money?

If your target audience is on both, which advertising platform will give you a higher ROI?

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Edward Plant

Edward Plant, Strategic Leader at Lead a Better Business

Its probably not about which is better. It really depends on which is better for your business and demographic. By testing both of them you should be able to work out the cost/lead and then the cost/conversion. Once you know both these for Google and Facebook for your business you can then assess which is best. You probably need to spend at least $100-$200 on each platform to have results that you can measure.

Andrew Edwards

Andrew Edwards at Online Marketing Solutions

I think Edward has made some valid points. I think its also about what type of outcome you are looking for as well as your targeting. I just recorded this video today which shows you the different choices of paid advertising and the campaign objectives. Subscribe to our YouTube channel for regular free Internet Marketing training based on over 10 years experience, full time,actioning the strategies we teach for paying clients.

Melanie Gray

Melanie Gray, Managing Owner at

Top 10% Insurance

What I like about Google Ads is that you can set it up so people will see your ads at the time they are looking for your services.

With Facebook, your target audience might be wanting your services when they see your ad.

For example, I can set up my Google Ad so I am seen whenever someone searches for 'IT Business Analysts in Perth'. If someone searches for those terms I would be almost certain they were looking for my services.



advertising should never be judged on 'price' they should be judged on ROI. and to do that you can't answer in generalities as to which of these two is better.

there are so many factors which impact the return on investment for an advert which include

1) how good is your marketing strategy in terms of your positioning and target audience

2) how well do you communicate the value proposition in the ad

3) have you done enough research to know what 'button's' your target audience will respond to in a communication

4) have you targeted the ad to the right people

5) how competitive is your segment in your location

6) what is your breakeven analysis

7) what are the results from your testing of each ad

with these answers in place, you could then answer the value question in regards to fb or google for your business



Aishah Mustapha

Aishah Mustapha, Content Marketer at

Top 10% Advertising Get quote

Depending on your industry, Facebook may be too noisy to cut through to your audience right now. Potential buyers will jump on Google to research but may not be searching on Facebook. For awareness campaigns, Facebook ads may be good but if you’re looking for sales and leads, Google Ads may be a better option. You should test both and see which advertising platform gives you better ad ROI.

Consider using both in your advertising campaign for retargeting ads to your buyer because a person will need multiple contacts with an ad or brand before they commit to buying. They may search for it on Google, discover your product or service, read about it on your website, bounce off, and then see your ad on Facebook to reinforce your value proposition, and then decide to buy later.

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