What is a pixel in Facebook ads and how do you use it? | SavvySME

Who has actually used them and put them on their websites?

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Andrew Edwards

Andrew Edwards at Online Marketing Solutions

Hi Hannah,

Here is a short video that answers your question:


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Chloe Constantinides

Chloe Constantinides, Co-Founder | Creative Director at Dapper Apps

Hey Hannah,

It's advertising tracking essentially. I'm not sure if you've ever used Google Analytics, but it works in a similar way in terms of measuring the actions of visitors to your website - after clicking through from your FB ad.

I've used them a number of times. One example is trying to get new customers to sign up for a promotion. If we run Facebook ads, we want to know how many of those people have clicked through and successfully converted into a registration. By implementing the Facebook pixel, we can clearly see the conversions and subsequently optimise our advertising.

Facebook can then serve your ad to people most likely to convert and you can measure what you're spending with far more accuracy.

Regards, Chloe