How can I improve my sales skills and performance?

Can anyone share any tried and tested strategies or tips to improve my sales skills and up my sales performance?

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Terry Chadban

Terry Chadban, Founder/Manager at Port Macquarie Online Marketing

Hi Oliver,

The first thing is to believe in what you are selling. If you are proud of the product, it is easy to tell someone about it.

The second thing, which most people miss, is to sell to the right people. Define your target market, and your ideal customer. Who are the people who need the product you are selling? What is the problem or pain point that your product solves?

Thirdly, sell the benefits of the product, not the features. Years ago in the sales and marketing game, we had a saying, "Sell the sizzle, not the steak". People don't spend money to buy stuff, they spend money to solve a problem, so sell them the solution to their problem.

Lastly, find out where they congregate, and go there to sell your product. Again, most people miss this point. Where is the best place to sell a bottle of water, in a crowded shopping mall, or the desert?

I hope that this gets you started, sales is a great field to get into, and whether we like it or not, all business owners need to be able to sell their products, or we will all go broke!

Jef Lippiatt

Jef Lippiatt, Owner at Startup Chucktown

I would also say, remember you are selling yourself as much as the product or service. People buy from people.

You should always be:

  • Confident (in yourself and the product/service)
  • Actively Listening (don't just talk at them, talk with them and listen)
  • Authentic (be yourself, sell how you connect - don't try to sell like someone else)
  • Open to Feedback (you can always ask for more detail)

Steven Freeman

Steven Freeman at

Top 10% Web Development

Try and go to lots of guru seminars. There's lots to be learnt.

If you can be mentored by an experienced sales professional that has sold similar products to yours even better.

Like anything the more you sell the better you'll get, but selling isn't for everyone so you may not get to the level you want - in which case outsourcing or employing some-one else to do the same may be a better solution.



In my experience the best sales people don't sell. They help you to buy.

And to do that you need 3 things

1) a complete and competent understanding of what you are selling

2) an intense interest in the needs of the client in front of you (question, listen, understand)

3) the ability to match customer needs to the profile of your product or service

and one other thing - the ability to walk away if after doing the above you realise your product or service ISN'T the right solution for that client.

hope this helps