Lindsy Loogan

What results have facebook ads driven for you?


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Rebecca Carroll-Bell

Hi Lindsy,

I have used Facebook ads recently with some good results. The main outcomes I look for are either to get interactions on a particular post or to direct people to a Leadpage.

I spend from $10 - $50 per campaign and for that I get reach around 2,000 people, and anywhere from 10 - 60 post engagements.

Once people have liked my post, I can go in and invite them to like my page.

In terms of people opting in to my Leadpage offering (that is, giving me their email address in return for a free resource) conversations haven;t been as high as I had hoped, but still better than nothing.

What results are you looking for with your Facebook advertising? Perhaps we can brainstorm some ideas for you to try out.


John Eustace

John Eustace , Principal / Communications and Media Strategist at Bells and Whistles Marketing Pty Ltd

I will be fascinated to see what responses you question draws Lindsey. The weight of opinion is that advertising on Facebook is like walking about with a sandwich board on you back. Not particularly effective for the effort involved. In fact published research has Facebook ads as one of the lowest response (ROI) media.
Facebook have done a lot of work to improve things over the last 18 months, it is about time their efforts were measures and compared with available alternatives.
I have been trying for years to get anyone to provide a reliable and attributable 1st hand case study that actually identifies the quantity and quality of responses generated with a quantified conversion rate and definitive RIO. – Anyone?
Valerie Joy Deveza

Valerie Joy Deveza Digital Marketing Head at

I use Facebook ads to get leads and sales for my clients.

Most of my campaigns cost $0.01 - $2 per lead (depends on niche and location) Here's a case study that we did for Ducati a few years back >