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How do you get a website indexed by Google so that it appears on Google search engine?

How do you get a website to be indexed by Google so that it appears on Google search engine? (but not necessarily to be ranked on page one)

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Matt Antonino

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Just to get indexed, fastest way is to get a link on a G+ account.  It'll be hit almost instantly.  

Agree with Nick on the rest - get webmasters, submit sitemap.  Pretty easy setup stuff.  

Page 1- that's a diff story. :) 

Nick Chernih

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Hi Shane,

To get your website indexed on google you can manually submit it to google via this google link:  

The first 3 links under "web" are what you need to pay attention to. The first link does what you want it to - it will submit your website address to the google index. 

You will need to register for a google webmaster tools account to add a sitemap. A sitemap tells google what pages are on your site and what pages to "crawl" or look at - instead of it trying to follow links through. It is good SEO practice to have a site map. If there are sites you don't want to look at you need to add what is called a robots.txt file to your website.

Shane Gold

Great advice, thanks Nick. I'll be able to work on his process now. Cheers, Shane

Vahe Arabian

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If you website is a fairly new website, you should also try and get relevant external links pointing to your website, because search crawlers also look at a sites backlink profile to determine relevancy. An easy quick win would be to submit the site on relevant business directories i.e.