Phil Khor

Does anyone know how much TV advertising costs?

I am considering advertising on TV channels, does anyone know how much they cost these days?


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Wendy Huang

Wendy Huang Full Time Blogger and YouTuber at A Custom Blog in 4 Minutes

Here are some indications on TV advertising, they may not be completely up to date and you may need to contact the specific channels for their current packages but this will give you a fairly good idea what kind of cost you are looking at. Keep in mind ify ou are on a budget consider community stations and such.

Channel 7




6AM – 9AM



9AM – 1130AM



1130AM – 12PM


















Cheapest Primetime Slot



Highest Primetime Slot



After Midnight




Channel 9




6AM – 9AM



9AM – 11AM



12PM – 1PM



330PM – 430PM






Cheapest Primetime Slot



Highest Primetime Slot



After Midnight

















Highest Primetime Slot



After Midnight




Phil Khor

Phil Khor , Founder at SavvySME

Excellent details, thanks Wendy :)
Jacquie Baker

Jacquie Baker , Co-founder at Sureshot

good to know Wendy. My question is who actually watches TV these days - or at least the adverts?
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Anne Miles

Anne Miles Managing Director at International Creative Services

These are good stats for the actual airtime fees. I wasn't sure if people reading this would understand that this is not including production costs. The cost of an ad varies depending on the creative execution.

From my experience there is a creative solution for every budget starting a a few thousand dollars to a million (and I've worked on all types). The trick is in setting the budget first and making sure that the creative is chosen to suit the budget and not the other way around. 

TV is not always the best answer, but it is a great medium and still remains a powerful brand building platform. The trick with production costs is to make sure it works across all platforms to have a fully integrated campaign. 

My experience is that you don't always have to spend more money to be good!

Phil Khor

Phil Khor , Founder at SavvySME

Thanks Anne - for the reminder to factor in production costs as well and setting the budget upfront, and if in fact TV is the right way to go. It's a luxury that many small businesses don't have so it's important to get it right. Thanks for the tip.
Katy Phillips

Katy Phillips ,


I work for a company who currently holds $10,000 worth of advertising airtime on channel nine.

The airtime must be used by September this year, so we are selling this for $5000. If anyone is interested or knows of anyone who might be able to use this time - please let me know.

Respond on here if so

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Bridget Holland

Great answers so far.  A couple more points:

1. When you get your ads done, be sure to get both a 15 sec AND a 30 sec.  Is far more cost effective to do both at once and gives you more options for showing them.  Plus if there is vacant inventory you may get some extra freebies.

2. Major stations can be terrifyingly expensive.  You will need a reasonable frequency and length of campaign to see any impact so you need to allow for that in planning.

If you want to dip your toe into TV, you can try doing some markets only.  For SavvySME you might try Sydney only for a couple of weeks.

Or you could look at Foxtel - it's a national feed so you can't do different markets and your timings will be screwed in WA, but the costs are much lower.  Also it's possible to target to specific channels for specific markets.

Also ask about anything on the new digital channels.  Much lower audience - much lower price.

Not sure where small businesses hang out but if you were going with specialist channels you might want a couple of different ads with different angles.

Neil Steggall

Neil Steggall , Partner at Wardour Capital Partners

The product you are selling will have a significant bearing on placement and thus cost but to provide an example I offer the following. Some years ago I owned a company which offered one of the very first home mortgages sold and approved over the telephone. Our major competitor advertised heavily with quality production values and time slots. Money was tight and I always enjoy a bargain so we made our own 15 and 30 second ads using media students as our team. It was shot on video and not film. OMG was the general response and when they heard we were buying "run of station" placements everyone laughed at our foolish optimism. A year later our call centre traffic had grown by a factor of 10 and our conversion rate was up by 30%. Of course if I had understood what I was doing I would never have considered such a foolish proposition.
Marcus Tjen

Marcus Tjen , Owner at Rugged Computing

Hi Neil, good story! How did you find the media students? Did you pay them for the work or was it part of their course?
Mirree Bayliss

Katy do you still have this avilable, I'm trying to find out if this is a recent post or not like 2019?

Maria Harutyunyan

Maria Harutyunyan SEO Editor at SavvySME

The cost of advertising on TV may vary depending on different aspects. In order to understand how much does a TV ad cost, you need to make sure you know the features you want it to have. The length of TV advertising is an important factor that will definitely influence the final cost. So let's understand how much does a tv advert cost for 30 seconds? Statistics show that on average television advertising costs for a 30-second commercial range from $200- $1500.

Now, the next thing to understand is the target of the advertisement. The television advertising costs are different for different targets. This is another important factor that may cause the cost of the advertisement to change. So, how much does a TV advert cost for a specific time of a day? It ranges to cost higher early in the mornings, this is when people get up to go to work. Also, after 5:30- 6:00 PM, when people return from work. In these cases, the costs may range from $1000-$2000. How much does a TV commercial cost for a specific demographic of viewers? This may vary since different age groups are interested in their specific TV channels, which have their specific costs. Now the range to this factor would be hard to provide, but I would say it also can range to as low as $200 and as high as $2000 or more. 

Mary Grace Macatangay

Mary Grace Macatangay Influencer Relationship Manager at SavvySME

Wendy gave a nice and full info about how much does a tv advertising cost. In fact it's varies. The costs of advertising on TV depends on the time and day choosen by you. Thanks Wendy for the nice detailed info. :)

Penny World

I am trying to advertise my but not sure what is the best option

Denis Homez

hi, How much would be budget to advertise our web-platform the site is market place where people can find required service contractors and prod suppliers to theirs make home better can u give 3 scenarios min, aver, max and what kind of audience we can reach with ur approach & strategy i would appreciate ur helpCheers, Denisc, CEO+64212355050

Brad Lyons

Brad Lyons Consultant at SMS Fusion

If you are looking to advertise this website you need to make sure you run the ads at the right time. For example TV ads between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday may not be the best for this site.

Radio ads between 6 am and 9am would be much more effective. Drive time is ideal for advertising to workers.

Honestly though, I believe your money would be better spent (assuming you are talking about promoting this website) on more direct marketing, I believe you would get a higher ROI.

Brad Lyons

Brad Lyons , Consultant at SMS Fusion

Also, there are other ways to get your product on TV for much longer than 30 seconds and much cheaper if not free. As a result though it will result in high volumes of traffic to the site at the same time. So it is important to run some simulations on your site to ensure it can handle the predicted/expected traffic.

I have seen many sites do down due to high volumes of traffic as the result of effective marketing. There would be nothing worse than having a successful marketing campaign result in a systems down situation.
Denis Homez

Denis Homez ,

We have struggled with business development. We went out of budget while trying to develop ideal product ending up with no any funds to market product.

Are any ideas how we can promote or advertise our web platform without the budget ?

Will appreciate the help, Call me if something u have in your mind?