Oliver Clarke

For a small business, is Facebook worth the time and effort?


3 Answers

Melissa Profeta

Melissa Profeta , Community Manager at SavvySME

I completely agree with Deborah.

Facebook's platform is worth the time and effort if you are offering services.

It is a great tool for you to start building your brand.

Keep in mind that Facebook offers the following features:

1. Facebook Ads

2. Facebook Groups

3. Facebook Live

4. Videos

5. Facebook Messenger Stories

6. Facebook Stories

You just need to be as creative as possible to utilize all of these.

But do not feel the pressure to use all of them. Use the one that gives you the most ROI.

Deborah Vella

I believe it is worth the time and effort for a service based business. This may change depending on the type of business, the type of client and what you are hoping to achieve. For a service based business, it is important to generate and maintain a positive reputation and Facebook is a useful tool to assist with doing that.

Yee Trinh

Yee Trinh , Cofounder at SavvySME

For most businesses, it's worth the time and effort if backed up with a solid plan and purpose. Know whether you're using it to connect with existing customers, grow brand awareness or convert into leads. Then do your research, plan accordingly, test and refine your strategy. The worst thing to do is to set up a Facebook page just because everyone is telling you to do online marketing, without any idea of the goal for that Facebook page. It's a project just like any other you work on within your business.