How important are SEO and outbound links in blog copy?

How important is SEO and outbound links in the copy of your blog content for content marketing? Do you really need them?

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Jill Brennan

Jill Brennan, Founder at Harbren Marketing

Its good to have a couple of outbound links but inbound links are more important because they are like votes.  The more inbound links to your website (preferably by highly ranked or authority websites) then the more valuable your content is considered to be by the search engines.

Do you have the SEO Yoast plugin for wordpress?  They have a number of prompts to optimise each post for SEO purposes.  If you follow their traffic light system (red, green, amber) and aim for all green then you're content will be in great SEO shape. 

Sheridan James

Sheridan James, Team at Savvy SME

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Hi Derric, SEO and outbound links are super important.  The better you optimize your blog posts for SEO, the higher your webpages will be listed on search engine result pages, so more people can find your website and get to know your business.

Companies that blog typically gain at least twice as much web traffic as those that don’t blog.

So it's super important to ensure your blog copy and your pages are SEO rich with links.