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What are the ways to improve website speed?

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Joel Warren

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Use google page speed test to check your page performance:

It gives some suggestions on improving performance which you can follow.

Some common approaches:

  • Concatenate and minify scripts and styles - there are lots of wordpress plugins for this
    This is also a moot point if you can upgrade your hosting to run http2
  • Remove unneeded functionality, if using WordPress the key way to slow down your site is to add too many plugins without reviewing their affect on your site
  • Upgrade your hosting - I've upgraded a couple sites recently to php7 which runs tons faster, especially after moving onto http2
  • Optimise the images on your site, you can save a ton of space here - check out this service:

Jef Lippiatt

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I would also add that you should only use enough to accomplish your goal.

What do I mean?

Not every website needs

  • to be Wordpress.
  • social media feeds
  • tons of plugins
  • more than 2 web fonts
  • HD pictures or video
  • user registration / login

Only build or use the functionality necessary to convey your message or run your business. Think about how things will load on mobile (which is much different than on a laptop or desktop computer).

If people don't want to use a lot of cellular data, you'll likely not get people to visit on their mobiles and/or tablets if just loading your home page chews through data.

This about the function of your website, your customers and their devices.

Kristy Bernales

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I wrote about speedup ecommece website in easy way here -