What are the top 3 ways (or places) to sell an online business?

I am interested to hear from anyone who has sold an online business or who can recommend what are the best ways to sell an online business.

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Linda Reed-Enever

Linda Reed-Enever, Director at

Michelle I have not sold one yet but flipa seems quite popular and I know of people who have been happy with the process https://flippa.com 

Shane Gold

Shane Gold, Compliance Officer at First State Super

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You can be an internet marketer and sell digital products online. People around the world are looking for information to help them accomplish certain tasks or solve certain problems so products such as eBooks, software and mobile applications are very popular.

You can write an eBook in areas that you're good at to sell. If you don't have a product of your own, you can become an affiliate and sell other people's products. www.clickbank.com has thousands of products you can promote and if you make a sale, you will receive commission up to 75%.

While Clickbank is a place for digital products, you can also become an affiliate and sell physical products on Amazon. 

Another way you can make money online is by blogging. You can blog about whatever you're good at and once you have followers, promote related products on your blog them. You can also monetise it with Google Adsense.

Paul Gregg

Paul Gregg, Business Manager at The SEO Company

Consider taking a course on using flippa to sell your business on udemy.com

Ben Hoban

Ben Hoban, General Manager at

Hey Michelle, 

As well as Flippa there are a couple of sites to keep an eye on:

empireflippers.com  - initially set up adsense sites of their own to sell, they have graduated to an online marketplace for eCommerce and affiliate sites. 

DigitalExits.com  - Jock is a 3rd gen. business broker who has turned his hand to the digital arena.