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Emily Whitelock Registered Acupuncturist and Chinese Medicine Practitioner at Cosm Natural Health

Will Facebook ads have an impact on my organic traffic?

Will creating Facebook adverts and boosting ads mess with my organic traffic? Or can it have a positive impact? Any comments and advice would be much appreciated!

Sheridan James

Sheridan James, Team at Savvy SME

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The short answer is no, Facebook ads and boosted posts have no negative effect on your organic reach.

There are two scenarios in which an ad can come into play; either you have a post you’re promoting, or you’re creating a post in the ads manager to promote.

In the first option, you already have a post and it’s already being shared. Turning it into an ad doesn’t diminish that, because it’s already happened. The only thing it does is expand the number of people who see your posts. Thus, promoting an existing post cannot possibly decrease your reach, only increase it. The absolute worst case would be no one seeing your ad, for whatever reason, so your reach stays the same.

When you’re creating a post to use for a promoted ad, that post didn’t exist before the ad went live. That means its organic reach is 0.

When you post the ad, it gets hits, and it gets exposure. This gives you reach you didn’t have before. Therefore, every view you get from an ad is a bit of reach you didn’t have before.