Derek Lotts

Asked this question on 6/6/16 -Human Resources

Which of these do you think is the most and which the least important when it comes to a healthy working environment?

1. Appreciating your employees' effort (recognition) 2. Health insurance 3. Gifts and team building activities

Jef Lippiatt

Jef Lippiatt Owner at Startup Chucktown

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I think that employee recognition is definitely important. However, I would rank team-building at the same level as employee recognition. The entire team needs to be cohesive. That doesn't mean they have to become best friends, but they need to understand how to work well with one another. They also need see goals as team goals (meaning not try to throw others under the bus to advance their own career).

This creeps well into company culture which is a subject I could expand upon indefinitely.

Having good benefits will make help employees feel valued, but the team dynamic and individual recognition will keep progress moving forward.

Derek Lotts

Thanks Jef!

Derek Lotts

I completely agree with the "not try to throw others under the bus" part. But, it's exactly the kind of cutthroat tactics that people tell us will help you succeed in the business world. I try not to give in, but it's me that's under the bus. Quite often I must say.

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Neil Steggall

Neil Steggall Partner at Wardour Capital Partners

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Hi Derek,

For me recognition of employee effort would rank well ahead of the others. Recognition demonstrates not only your appreciation but importantly your respect for your employees and will always help develop a strong and winning team. Health insurance.........well its better than a pay cut but only just!



Derek Lotts

Thanks Neil!