Do I need an accountant to set up my acn or can I do it myself online?

If I can do it myself does anyone have any suggestions on which website to use?

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Dionne Nancarrow

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You can setup your own company online, and if you choose to do that I'd recommend However, setting it up for maximum tax advantage is another matter. For example, are you going to be the shareholder, or will you have some form of trust (in which case the trustee holds the shares on behalf of the trust). If there's a trustee, will it be an individual or a 'corporate trustee' (company)? What does this all mean in terms of control of the company, protection of the assets, distribution of income, and potential capital gains tax issues when it comes time to sell your business? (And if/when you sell, will you *actually* sell the company, or will you sell the assets, goodwill, name, intellectual property, and simply close down the company? If you don't know 100% for sure what all the implications are of your decisions, then it's definitely worth having an accountant involved - and once they've advised you, it's no big deal for them to proceed with the registration on your behalf as part of their package service.

Jef Lippiatt

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