Dina Cooper

Is there a way to weaken the SEO of my competitors?


1 Answer

Rocco Mnseo

Hello Dina,

To answer your concern, there is no technical way to weaken other site's SEO unless you have the access to their site. And why would you mind to weaken competitor's SEO strategy as it does not make any sense. You will face many competitors of various level across your blogging/marketing journey. You can't weaken them all. So, wasting your time on thinking about that, you should utilize your precious time on strengthening your own SEO. For any SEO strategy queries, do visit my site right here - http://chrometechny.company

Jef Lippiatt

Jef Lippiatt , Owner at Startup Chucktown

Totally on point. Focus on producing great content and targeting and connecting with your ideal users (or groups of users). Keep them engaged once they arrive and always look for opportunities to get their feedback for future improvements.
It is better to spend time on improving your business (you should always focus on what is within your own control).
However, you should always keep an eye on what your competition is doing. Why? Understanding your competition is key for adapting. Don't look to copy them. Look for gaps they have left wide open within the market. Leverage these "gaps" to pull some of their audience to your service. Simple things like that can lead to dramatic impacts.