Laura Elkaslassy

What it is that stops you from signing up to a course that you know you need?

I know money/payment structure is one and time. But if cash and time wasn't a problem what else would stop you?


2 Answers

Melanie Gray

I will likely sign up for an online course if I have seen testimonials and have heard positive feedback from real people I know.

Or if I know the person professionally (which sometimes mean I have developed a relationship with them over social media)

Jef Lippiatt

Jef Lippiatt Owner at Startup Chucktown

There are several things that stop me

  • Not offered at a convenient time (based on my schedule - during the week is not great as some companies don't help pay for course so you have to use vacation time to attend - so you are paying twice, the course fee and the vacation days you have to use)
  • Not offered at a convenient location (if it isn't close enough to get to by car or mass transit it will impact decision). If I have to pay for a hotel room (one or more days) that also ups the "total cost" of the course.
  • Negative reviews from other trusted professionals - If I hear that the course instructor was unpleasant or that the material covered was not beneficial, I'd probably not attend.