I would love to know what stops you from using a maintenance service?

One that would do backups and keep your website secure for a monthly fee? Is it lack of understanding as to why you would use one? Perhaps you do the updates and backups yourself? Or do you just not see it as important?

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Steve Osborne

Steve Osborne, director at Stephen Roger Osborne

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Same reason we no longer have petrol attendants and are happy to pump our own. We've been conditioned to do the basics ourselves, at little or no cost.

If you can demonstrate a clear and compelling reason to use and pay for such a service, you might get some traction. But is has to be a lot bigger than the standard save time, save money.

Jef Lippiatt

Jef Lippiatt, Owner at Startup Chucktown

Peter, Building off of what Steve mentioned, I would say there may be a play for that type of service. The biggest "wow" factor in my opinion? Integrated with small and/or popular hosting companies. You would need the service to be added into the back end dashboard or integrated into a Content Management System (CMS). If it was a "one click" back up. that also offered "rollback" to a previous state based on change history, that could be very slick. Kind of like a Github for websites and CMSs

Carol Jones

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Greetings Peter from rural Australia,

We often don't know the value of security until the horses have bolted.

I now use, and would never again not use, a website security service to keep my website secure and hacker free.

On Christmas morning, 2015, I received a stomach crunching email from my host company to say my website had been severely hacked. And their server used to transmit illegal emails.

Because of this threat, my host company shut my website down until I made my site more secure.

Nothing we did worked. From Christmas morning until mid January, my site came under a full scale attack from all over the world.

Again, my site was shut down by my host company until I could prove it was no longer vulnerable to attack.

This site is our only source of revenue. So this was a major event for us.

One of my problems is my website is based on the Wordpress platform. Which is the weakest as far as security is concerned. But for those of us who aren't technical wizards, it's the easiest platform to use.

In desperation, we looked online and found an Australian company that would harden our site. Back it up. And monitor it 24/7/365 against any further threats.

For this we pay a very reasonable monthly fee.

We've used them since mid January 2016. And it really is P.A.L. Peace. At Last. There are no more stomach crunching emails about attacks. I no longer worry about malware on my site. About being hacked. Or about my site being taken off the web.

I no longer even look at the logs. They're too scary. The number of brute force attempts - that they thwart - that are made daily on my site makes me blanch.

As more and more people use the Wordpress platform. And as more and more articles are written about how it's hackers' paradise. Tens of thousands of sites are destroyed every year. It should become easier and easier to sell a website security service.

Best wishes,

~Carol Jones, Ironing Diva❦

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