How do you use Instagram to connect with your customers?

Are there any ways you use Instagram that are particularly effective when it comes to connecting with your followers/customers?

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Carol Jones

Carol Jones, Owner at Interface Pty Ltd

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Greetings Steve from rural Australia,

I don't personally use Instagram to connect with customers. But I do know someone who does. And who does it very well.

Coryanne Ettiene is an American food and kitchen lifestyle expert. Who has a following on Facebook. AOL. The Food Network. And on Instagram.

She recently opened Ettiene Market. Her own kitchen lifestyle store in McKinney Texas. And uses Instagram daily to showcase her shop that has loads of quirky small batch and heritage kitchen products.

She also intertwines photos of her children and husband into this scenario. As well as the family dog who becomes 'Spinny The Shop Dog'. To ensure the overall image is reminiscent of an old fashioned family store.

She also tells heart warming stories about why she chose her products to be in her shop.

Photos of customers. And babies patting 'Spinny The Shop Dog' are a nice touch. Especially the photos of customers who bring in baked goodies using items from her shop.

For me, it's always an interesting destination in cyberspace.

This is her personal Instagram page.

And this is the Instagram page for Ettiene Market

In May 2016, when she opened Ettiene Market, she had no followers on Instagram. Now she has 319. Many of them devoted to her shop. Reading between the lines, she's also priming her visitors to be ready to act when she establishes an online store as well.

Best wishes,

~Carol Jones, Ironing Diva❦

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