Do you find Post Planner useful and is it worth the subscription?

I'm wondering if I should invest in Post Planner or is there a better social media marketing platform out there?

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Carol Jones

Carol Jones, Owner at Interface Pty Ltd

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Good morning Tracey from rural Australia.

I'm not a digital native. More a Baby Boomer who's been dragged into the digital age by need. Rather than by era of birth.

I live and work from my remote rural property. Where there's no mobile phone reception. With an unreliable rural mobile wireless internet connection. That drops in an out with the cadence of a wrecking ball.

My main workhorse is my desktop computer. Which I turn on in the morning. And turn off in the evening. Because. I don't want to be connected to the world via my computer 24/7.

For planning purposes I tend to be old fashioned and use paper. And a pencil!

I write and post to my blog 5 days a week. Minimum. And find the Colplan One Month At A View Planner Diary perfect for me. It not only allows me to sketch in my blog posts. But also to sketch in the topics each day for my social media posts.

Plus. By seeing the whole month at a time, I can - at a glance - determine if I've bitten off more than I can chew.

I also like being able to think and plan in the peace and quiet of the non-digital world.

This, I'm sure, Tracey, is not the answer you're looking for. But it does show that you can live a productive life away from your mobile apps.

Best wishes,

~Carol Jones, Ironing Diva❦

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