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Brad Lyons

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Really depends on your target market. Youtube is the new age version version of "free to air TV". Apps like Stan, Netflix, Disney Plus and Prime really push a lot of people away from free to air.

Consumer demographics is a lot more than just age. A lot of people will tell you that Youtube ...  Continue Reading
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William Siebler

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It varies enormously. CPM is realy the wrong metric to use. The focus should be cost per lead and cost to get a client.

Hatty Bell

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Thanks for the insight @William Siebler . Why should CPM not be measured?

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Quentin Aisbett

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I've used two others not mentioned here already - Adzooma and Opteo. Both are much cheaper than Wordstream. 

In fact, Adzooma now offers it's product for free. It does what you can expect from Wordstream but it doesn't provide the same smooth user experience. I find it a little clunky. But hey, it's free!

Opteo is another that starts at $99 per month, which is still much cheaper than Wordstream and for me a better experience than Adzooma.

Hatty Bell

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Good to know @Quentin Aisbett ! Great insight into cheaper and free service's too. Have you used either of these @Jignesh Vagadiya ?

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Jignesh Vagadiya

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WordStream provides you with trends on your account performance in a single snapshot, it doesn’t provide you with a root cause analysis of why things might be going south in your campaign.
With Optmyzer’s PPC Investigator you can ask a question related to your account KPI’s and linked ...  Continue Reading
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Great insight @Jignesh Vagadiya ! Which do you find yourself using more regularly? 

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As Prosper mentioned above, if you want to advertise on Spotify in Australia the minimum you can spend on an advertising campaign is $250. In addition to this, there is also some bidding that goes on behind the scenes, which will affect the price of your ads each time depending on who you're competing with for your target audience. However, Spotify ads in Australia typically cost between $0.015 - $0.031 per listen.

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Jane Jones

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@Aegean Zhang - I agree that some people do like to read books and newspapers and magazines.  And its sad that some publications are closing down.  I myself,  can't remember the last time i bought a newspaper or magazine. 
Everything i need is online. I spend most of my day ...  Continue Reading