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Hi Aida,

Thankfully there are loads of app builders on the market today that make building your own app simple and straightforward. It’s important to note that online app builders are suitable for simple apps - more complicated apps may need the expertise of app developers who have extensive ...  Continue Reading
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Hi @Nithyakala Subramanian . Could you share some more information about what you are looking for? E.g. criteria for an influencer and what are you hoping to achieve?

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Hi Hatty. Although my business model is young and developing, I was a, communications systems design engineer in my second career, so tech is second nature. I do find a lot of the jargon in tech confuses the public and that really irrritates me! I get a lot of questions about Apps, UI, UX and whatever ...  Continue Reading
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Allisha Martin

Allisha Martin

Hi, the price completely depends on your business requirements and the custom features that you look for in the app.
I suggest you consult one of the companies  by nameFortunesof IT Innovations, one of the best mobile app development company in Australia

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There are some huge differences between local and remote developers. Below is a summary of the key differences:
Foreign app developers:
You are able to find really good remote developers on TopTal, Upwork and Indeed. Just be sure to test their skills when hiring them. The price range is different ...  Continue Reading
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It depends what the service is.

And don't forget that you can create a website that can be used on a mobile device as well. This means you have one thing to maintaine that will work on desktops, tablets and phones - that's what "Responsive" design is all about.

As Lisa said, a little more informtation about your service will help us answer the question for your particular situation.

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Linda, an app is another app one has to look at in their phone, and not use. I would optimise the site for mobile, heavily since 82%of browsing is now coming from a mobile browser.
You are going to spend a lot of man hours trying to get people to download the "app", instead, make the website mobile friendly ...  Continue Reading