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Kirsty Fox

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Preferably before they get into a "critical" position. Coaches are there as sounding boards, to look at your business (and therefore you) to give perspectives on what is happening and what you can't see for yourself because you are too involved, and to motivate and push you outside of your comfort zone. My coach did actions and challenges for the week, and things have gone forward faster than I thought they would.

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Paige Arnof-Fenn

Paige Arnof-Fenn, Founder & CEO at Mavens & Moguls

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In marketing everything has migrated to online.  Lead generation budgets are being redirected to social media and website/SEO improvements.  Many marketing dollars previously allocated to in-person events and direct marketing efforts are being redirected now due to the pandemic.  The majority ...  Continue Reading
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Thanks for this insight @Paige Arnof-Fenn . It seems many businesses realised the importance of their online efforts. That shows too by budget being redirected to social media. I wonder if that will continue or if business owners will let it slip once they can rely on their old ways

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I 100% agree with @Erik Bigalk. It is also widely known that successful biz owners put their success down to 70% mindset, not their business idea or skills. 

Life and mindset coaching can help you create the ideal psychological state and life-setting to be in for growth - and that is essential ...  Continue Reading
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If there is minimal to no downside to engaging a business coach, then why not do it?  Having an indepenent external party looking at your business without emotion or ego is gold.  A sample of the support available includes:
The NSW government provides access to 4 hours of free business coaching ...  Continue Reading
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Bronwen Sciortino

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There are always times when providing coaching in the workplace is beneficial. 

Every individual needs growth and development at different points in their lives. The important thing is to find the right coach/mentor to suit the needs of the individuals in your business.

Budgets always ...  Continue Reading
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Steve Gray

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The value, that depends on the goal and the person wanting the solution.

A coach can start out with a brief that says the client wants to achieve a better work life balance, however they may soon discover that to get to that they need better organsiation of their systems.

The client may ...  Continue Reading
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Babette Bensoussan

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If I can make a suggestion - the first place I would start is with the International Coaching Federation -  This is their Australasian site and there you can find coaches who have properly qualified to be a coach through an accredited program.  You can also ...  Continue Reading
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Orna Binder

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For me as a marriage celebrant, it was a bit of a shock at the beginning of the lockdown as we really didn't know what we are facing, as well as weddings were limited to only 5 people for some time, then 10, 20 and we can now see how it's slowly opening up for outdoor venues - at least in NSW.

So ...  Continue Reading
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Thanks @Orna Binder - it's brilliant to hear how you have pivoted during this time