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Preferably before they get into a "critical" position. Coaches are there as sounding boards, to look at your business (and therefore you) to give perspectives on what is happening and what you can't see for yourself because you are too involved, and to motivate and push you outside of your comfort zone. My coach did actions and challenges for the week, and things have gone forward faster than I thought they would.

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The most important lesson you can learn in managing the mental and emotional stresses of running a business is to remember this: It doesn't need to all be done at the same time.

When I first started in business I would have an idea and then work around the clock setting up business names, ...  Continue Reading
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If there is minimal to no downside to engaging a business coach, then why not do it?  Having an indepenent external party looking at your business without emotion or ego is gold.  A sample of the support available includes:
The NSW government provides access to 4 hours of free business coaching ...  Continue Reading
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There are always times when providing coaching in the workplace is beneficial. 

Every individual needs growth and development at different points in their lives. The important thing is to find the right coach/mentor to suit the needs of the individuals in your business.

Budgets always ...  Continue Reading
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Steve Gray

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The value, that depends on the goal and the person wanting the solution.

A coach can start out with a brief that says the client wants to achieve a better work life balance, however they may soon discover that to get to that they need better organsiation of their systems.

The client may ...  Continue Reading
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If I can make a suggestion - the first place I would start is with the International Coaching Federation -  This is their Australasian site and there you can find coaches who have properly qualified to be a coach through an accredited program.  You can also ...  Continue Reading
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In the last six months we saw a lot of clients who had been sitting on the sidelines, being forced to take action into digitising their businesses. As others have mentioned, that is actually the easy part. The real work now begins in geting found and marketing their businessses.

Here's ...  Continue Reading
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Great tips, thanks @Mark Reisinger !

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Greg Rogers

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Helping them manage 'the gap'.

Often there are two very quick realisations when coaching a business owner.

The first one is that what they think is the end result is often not what it ends up being.

The second one is where they actually (reality) are now.

Then they realise the gap and what is going to be needed to close/reduce it.

That's where the genius of great coaching lies.

Knowing - Doing - Being

Don't just think, REthink.



Hatty Bell

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Love this @Greg Rogers ! The end result is consistently shifting isn't it?

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Erik Bigalk

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Yes, Great Question and thank you for tagging me @Hatty Bell 

It still sometimes boggles my mind why people, especially those in business, DON'T have a coach or mentor. I mean for eons we have had masters teaching apprentices, had coaches for competative and elite sports, and have looked ...  Continue Reading
Hatty Bell

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Great insight @Erik Bigalk ! I've never really thought about it in relation to sports but you are totally correct. It's so normal and expected to have a coach in sports, but totally overlooked in business. Even our managers are often not people we consider a mentor!

How do you even go about choosing the correct mentor or coach? Is it a case of speaking to lots until you find someone that you 'click' with? What are the things you should look out for?