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Yee Trinh

Yee Trinh, Cofounder at

In order to expand your customer-base you need to give people a reason why they would want to potentially go out of their way to get to you instead of going to a cafe closer to home. As the others have mentioned, it’s difficult to give suggestions without knowing what you’ve already tried, ...  Continue Reading
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Jessica Osborn

Jessica Osborn, Marketing Coach & CEO at

Social media! You can do so much that's free, just your time to get out there and get involved. Find Facebook (and LinkedIn) groups that your ideal customer would be part of and get active in there. Not promoting unless you're invited to do so, but sharing and connecting with the audience. 

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Hamish Anderson

Hamish Anderson, Founder and Director at Mesh Consulting

I believe there is an avenue to grow your business as an adjunct service in the early days. A site such as would be a great place to pin point people selling/buying boats. They are in the market, can look to use your product to upgrade their experience and they are in the right head space.

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Chirag Ahmedabadi

Chirag Ahmedabadi at AppliView Technologies

you can use seo for your website designing service thats the only and best way to sell your service.

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Richard Forrest

Richard Forrest, Managing Director at

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Have you thought of partnering with a lead generation expert. We have worked with a number of companies in the software area helping them book face to face or telephone appointments with prospects. Perhaps something to consider?

Johnson Vithayathil A

, at

Thank you so much for the suggestion and appreciate it.

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Andrew Egan

Andrew Egan, Director & IT Specialist at

Referrals from existing clients is a good opportunity. Make sure you regularly ask your cuirrent clients if there's anyone they could refer you to.. maybe even offer referal bonuses ?

Leah Cortes

, Owner / Personal Assistant at PA Silver Service

Thank you so much guys this is a great response! I had actually never thought about the referrals idea and that could be an excellent way to get the word around. Also the networking idea - excellent! I am searching around for local business events or similar but I guess at this time of year things are quiet. I am hoping things will pick up next year and there will be local business events that I can attend to network. Thank you :)

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Gregory Ferrett

Gregory Ferrett, Editor at Monday Motivational Moment

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Hi Brian,
Referral programs are OK, and in my experience rarely produce good quality leads unless the referral is fresh and followed up almost immediately.
I have a referral program I offer to my clients which operated like this;
1. If they introduce me to a prospect I subsequently make a belly to belly ...  Continue Reading
Phil Joel

, Director at SavvySME

Hi Greg, Thank you for sharing some great ideas. Can I play devil's advocate for a minute? How does your referrer know that the lead turned into a paying customer and that you owe him $150? Is it based on just trust and relationship?

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Bridget Holland

Bridget Holland, Director at

Have a great website yourselves with a solid portfolio.  Any portfolio link should open a new window so your site is still there when they stop browsing the portfolio.
Don't try and be all things to all people.  Be sure what your target market is.  Information / lead generation sites versus e-commerce ...  Continue Reading
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James Norquay

James Norquay, SEO Director at

Hi Scott,
I remember in the past I have done some social work for a fashion (70% female dominated) client, basically they wanted to spread the word about an offer they were promoting. I remember looking at the top 20 of so deals based websites in the niche. Pushed the deal out to most of the sites and ...  Continue Reading
Scott Yang

, Founder at

As of long lead time -- yes it was mainly to slow down the spammers or making the hurdle too high so the spammers won't bother. I know that the side effect is incovenience to the new comers, which we are thinking to address. For big brands we can lift the initial ban (which is 24 hours for Australian IP). Just email support@ozbargain :) There are a lot of things a member can do, and only posting new deals is banned for the initial 24 hours. Thanks for the great suggestions though.

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Brent Hall

Brent Hall, CEO at HelloMedical

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The customers you are seeking don't respond to offers or deals. You need word-of-mouth. Ask (or incentivise) your existing clients for referrals. If that doesn't work then pick some potential clients you want to work with and make them an offer -- most will ignore but remember you only need a few to respond.

Tip: Yesware +/- PipelineDeals.

Good luck!