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I don't know how they do. Often one real meet, call or skype conference in the beginning will be enough to cement that lasting relationship for future communications when email will be the norm.

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Retain your customers is always good, if you can do that getting more will be easier. For example, one of my companies is online courses. Not the best industry for retaining customers if you only have a couple of courses. However instead of just letting the customers go I ended up creating an industry ...  Continue Reading
Brian Bijdeveldt

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Clever move Brad! Yep, all good feedback from the group. Basically you would be shooting yourself in the foot by not investing in customer loyalty/retention. Without engagement the attrition rate will be high, marketing costs high and profitability low. Your existing (good) customers are a gold mine of future business potential and referrals to new (good) customers.

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You do feel it in your gut when things aren't feeling right. It's all about trust - and as the saying goes 'Trust Your Gut Feeling'. As hard as it is to end a relationship it is  best done sooner rather than later so things don't turn sour down the road. I like your story @Steven Brown about connecting with a client some 20 years later. Thanks for contributing @Greg Reiffel @Michael Simonetti @Keith Dugdale . 

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Make sure you know where the line is. Don't be pushed around. Don't push back too hard. Reason and relaity should be part of every project you work on. Ask the question, i'm i being pushed fairly, or pushed around unfairly. Always lean on the side of "if i can learn something out of ...  Continue Reading
Yee Trinh

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"All that being said, there is always 1% of clients (or thereabouts) who are off the charts, want the world, amazing quality, a peanuts pricing - Eject at all costs." 

Clients and just people in general unfortunately.

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Hi Christine (and Maree)
If the business is just closing for the short term while restrictions are in place then - YES! Definitely keep your social media accounts active. Social media's main purpose in your marketing is not sales promotion, it's for communicating and fostering strong ...  Continue Reading
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For me it is convincing the audience to go from "liking" and "sharing" to actually making a purchase. So, I suppose the real issue is trying to determine how to transition from brand awareness to actual conversion.

Terry Chadban

, Founder/Manager at Port Macquarie Online Marketing

This comes down to mapping out the buyer journey, so that would definitely need to be covered in your resources, @Jill Brennan.