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Allisha Martin

Allisha Martin

Here is a list of tips to start your eCommerce Dropshipping business today!
1. Select a laser-focused niche
2. Do an extensive market and competition research
3. Diligently identify and communicate with potential suppliers
4. Strategize and build a dynamic and responsive ...  Continue Reading
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Keith Rowley

Keith Rowley, Joint Owner and Customer Strategist at

Hi Hatty. Yes it can be both. My advice to customers with new websites is that it takes time to rank. Thus, ads are a good way to start bringing in business in the short term. However, a good SEO campaign will ramp up traffic volumes and business, so over time, if you wish, you can then scale back the ad spend. It all depends on the returns you are getting as well as the scalability of your business. 

Hatty Bell

, Team at

Very true! Ads can be a short-term solution to drive sales while SEO is building in the background. SEO alone is very slow in my experience

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Jane Jones

Jane Jones, Manager at SavvySME

Thanks @Allisha Martin ... Some others are Salehoo, , Oberlo, AliBaba, AliExpress... Some tips in this article here...

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David Bobis

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Such great advice in the comments already. The small note I would add to that is to make sure you absolutely smash it with quality social media ads (and influencer) campaigns. In my experience, well run ad and influencer campaigns can really influence e-commerce sales.

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Brad Lyons

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Amazon is already in Australia. There are a lot of dodgy traders out there that will be in trouble, however they should be. So many people buying from Amazon and ebay then reselling with a massive mark-up. A few years ago I caught out Wow sight and sound doing this and a number of other companies. 

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Steven Freeman

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It can work and it can fail like anything. You lose a lot of control compared to stocking and shipping goods directly yourself. Drop shipping adds another layer between you and your customer and the drop shipper is never going to care about your customer to the same level you will within your own business. It's all third party arrangements with mixed results. Depends on what you're selling and who you're partnered with to drop ship which will determine the viability and potential succeess.