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Jef Lippiatt

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As @Hitesh Mohanlal has mentioned, the key is volume, and that means building up and maintaining a decent (and/or growing market share). However, I have seen several low-margin businesses use 2 keys to differentiate enough to create a loyal and passionate customer base.

The best example I ...  Continue Reading
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Great insight! Publix sounds like a much better version of Costco

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The Federal Govt will be introducing a Coronavirus Supplement of $550 per fortnight to individuals who are receiving certain eligible income support payments AND for the next 6 months will expand access to certain individuals as well. This expanded access will include Sole Traders, self employed and ...  Continue Reading
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When you consider that a huge percentage of new businesses fail within the first couple of years, with many failing in their first year, it is not surprising that the owners don't have a good income.

On top of that, most startups rely on external money being injected into the business. This ...  Continue Reading
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It all depends what stage your business is and how well you know your customers. Without knowing this it is hard to give you a good answer. Feel free to contact me directly and I'll see how I can help.

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They are many similar digital currencies, however bitcoin seems to be the most well known of them all.
It is a more an underground digital currency. With that said its transactions underpin a growing economy which can't be ignored either.
As mentioned, most everyday businesses do not understand bitcoin, ...  Continue Reading
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Enough to enable you to carry out the formative aspects of your business plan, plus a 3 month contingency.

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