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As Narine and Craig have pointed out, brochure printing costs vary and you can expect to pay anywhere between $170 and $500 per 1000 piece. Generally speaking, marketing material printing costs are determined by factors such as:

  • Design

  • Design time

  • Copywriting requirements

  • Size and layout 

  • Colour use 

  • Double-sided printing 

  • Paper quality and finish, e.g. matte or glossy 

  • Turnaround time

When possible, aim to order in bulk as this can drive down the costs considerably.


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If you are looking for a Photoshop replacement, you really need to check out GIMP. It will feel very familiar if you already known Photoshop. It has a great online community for tutorials and learning from others. This isn’t just available for Mac, it is also available for Windows and Linux.

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A google search will show that there are so many. Agree @Craig Gardner it will depend on what it is you are wanting, your budget and timeframe.  Top ones would be Minute Man Press, Snapfish, CMYK Online, The Print Company, Vistaprint to name a few. 

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More importnt than the cost is the longevity. There are companies that will give you what you want and there are companies that will help you discover what you need.
I have been fortunate enought to have had experienced graphic designers whom I worked alongside who have designed logos that looked ...  Continue Reading
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Find a designer you get along with. Ask yourself ‘If it all goes bad (which it possibly will a couple of times during your branding project) do I think this person is the kind of person I can go through a minor conflict with and stay in my integrity?’. Because if you already feel a bit ...  Continue Reading
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It really depends on your business. If you're a restaurant, it doesn't make sense, however if you're a branding agency - then perhaps! 

The question is how often are you going to be requiring graphic design work done? Agreed with Narine Poghosyan. Having an in-house designer can work out more cost-effective. There can be a lot of training involved with unfamiliar design agencies or contractors. 

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convenience vs control
The DTP convenience improves ultimate efficiencies and costs but you need to be very very specific about stock and qtys
There are enough printers around willing to improve the process and reduce margins where you can discuss what you need.
The choice will ultimately around location and speed to market

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While the range of logo design prices covers a broad spectrum, if you're not in the graphic ... Not many logo design guidebooks exist, and logo designers are free to charge ... One should expect a simplelogo design to cost approximately $100.