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Jane Jones

Jane Jones, Manager at SavvySME

I've found HappyHR to be a fantastic solution for the whole scope of HR management solutions. The software enables you to manage the entire employee life cycle including onboarding, payroll, performance management, training and development, leave management and more.

The HappyHR software also has a range of integrations including Xero, MYOB and Quickbooks. 

Just touching on Sonia's point, HappyHR has an Australian version of the software to ensure you are compliant with Australian HR law and regulations.

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Jef Lippiatt

Jef Lippiatt, Owner at Startup Chucktown

I would say being intentional, especially when onboarding new staff regardless of their company position. Onboarding is the single most important time for you to expose new team members to what makes the company different.
This is true whether the onboarding is a small all-hands meeting (if the team is ...  Continue Reading
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Garbo Kelly

Garbo Kelly at Garbo and Kelly- Eyebrows Makeup Kit

What is Workplace health and safety (WHS)?
Workplace Health and Safety (WHS), often referred to as Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) involves the assessment and migration of risks that may impact the health, safety or welfare of those in your workplace. This may include the health and safety of ...  Continue Reading
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Steve Osborne

Steve Osborne, director at Stephen Roger Osborne

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Like Jef, I too have used UpWork/Elance for some time. Much less so these days, not because of any bad experiences, simply because I find it too hard to distinguish between a huge number of competing freelancers.
The platform I'm currently using for outsourced dev work is PeoplePerHour. I like the recommendations ...  Continue Reading
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Chloe Constantinides

Chloe Constantinides, Co-Founder | Creative Director at Dapper Apps

Write engaging copy in your recruitment ad that actually speaks to them. Marketing people are generally more outgoing personalities, sociable and with creative flair. You're essentially competing with advertising agencies so have a look at how they attract them.
Run your ads on marketing/advertising blogs ...  Continue Reading