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Jvalin Sonawala

Jvalin Sonawala, Owner at

There are various ways you can market your business.

One of the most used ways is to promote it online, digital marketing - the most advance way of marketing. Nowadays businesses do need online presence too to expand their business.

Hatty Bell

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Great insight @Jvalin Sonawala !

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Sara Neumann

Sara Neumann, Director of PR at Nuvolum

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As you know, the healthcare industry is constantly changing and evolving, so it's important to stay nimble and map out your objectives. I'm in healthcare marketing for oral surgeons and dentists and here are a few marketing and PR strategies I implement that have been successful in increasing ...  Continue Reading
Hatty Bell

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Thanks for your insight @Sara Neumann - it sounds like building community online and offline is key within healthcare? Connections are so important!

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Jane Jones

Jane Jones, Manager at SavvySME

There are many online tools for creating online courses. You have to make sure your material is what your audience is after - that there is a demand for it.  @Jef Lippiatt Would you have any advice you could offer Petra on how to get started and how to structure her online course so it is successful.

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Candice Meisels

Candice Meisels at

I work with a lot of medical professionals on PR because it is one of the ways that they can promote themselves without advertising. We position the medical professional as an expert in their industry and they provide the media with expert articles, comments, and interviews. The medical professional boosts their profile and uses their credibility to boost the business without advertising. 

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Hassan Qureshi

Hassan Qureshi at

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I am the owner and sole practitioner of an exercise physiology business in Western Sydney. I started Holistic Exercise Physiology in 2016, offering various services from medical centres and visiting homes, gyms and nursing homes. 

Earlier this year, I decided to start our own exercise physiology ...  Continue Reading
Jane Jones

, Manager at SavvySME

@Hassan Qureshi - Telehealth consultations are definitely on the rise due to the current climate. What percentage of your clients would you say are engaging with telehealth consultations now compared to a few months ago?  And do you think once people are comfortable with the experience they will continue to use it going forward when after Covid leaves us... if it leaves us...?

Yee Trinh

, Cofounder at

Hey @Hassan Qureshi - now that it's been a little while since your post.. how are you going? 

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Erik Bigalk

Erik Bigalk, Founder and CEO at

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Being a large and yet defined target market and one that may not openly look for solutions as one would if looking to buy a car or new furniture, there are aspects that can be viewed as hurdles.  The media and marketing landscape we dwell in nowadays is all about real value content, as such I would ...  Continue Reading