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Evan Boesenberg

Evan Boesenberg

every worksite ive ever been to has a radio. its not the cheapest, but with the right frequency mapping and channel selection you would quite happily hit your target. and a lot of it.

Hatty Bell

, Team at

Good idea @Evan Boesenberg - have you had any experience with radio advertising? Does it work?

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Sonia King

Sonia King, Founder & Managing Consultant at

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The best thing you can do is communicate with them. Ask them about their career aspirations, take notes and see how you can assist them to achieve their goals with your business. Give feedback regularly during tool box talks about what people are doing well and what could be improved and how you can help them improve. These actions really help with loyalty. You can also do small things such as writing a personal thank you card, providing a bar b q after a big job is complete and so on. I hope this is helpful.

Hatty Bell

, Team at

Great insight. How often should you be giving rewards? Regularly or just when the work has been put in?

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Beau Ushay

Beau Ushay, Owned Media & Marketing Specialist at

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The first thing to do is not think of the medium first (video), but rather - who are you trying to reach? Be really, really specific about who this is and what drives them.

Then, once you know that - how can video content give those people something they care about?

If you answer the first question, the second one is much easier.

Also, check out a business I worked with in this space  looking to do just what you're asking:


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Hatty Bell

Hatty Bell, Team at

It's often the case that companies have to ensure they have enough costs in the bank to support this or pass it on to their own suppliers!