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Thanks everyone. @Kate Fairley - can I get your opinion on this one?

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Find an insurance broker. They will be able to help you find the best deal. Ask for references from people in the same industry as you. Brokers tend to specialise in certain industries.

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I see the value in a broker more than just the best price. If they can deeply understand / compare different policy specifics beyond what you could do (or are prepared to) then the broker idea is a fantastic one.
Unfortunately many brokers are skewed to preferred networks and better commission, so it ...  Continue Reading
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Cathal Uniacke

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The answer to this question based on the WorkCover claims statistics across all industries as per a number of Victoria's largest Insurers is  - the Aged Care Industry.

Does this come as a surprise?

Lisa Ormenyessy

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Cathal, hmm initially yes, however not when I think about it, my guess is that they are constantly lifting people in awkward situations. Also with all the death around them I'd say stress as a claim would be high.

Mark Mellish

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What is the workcover premium rate in Victoria for Aged Care as opposed to say, shearing contractors? Are you relating this to claims frequency or severity?