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Steve Osborne

Steve Osborne, director at Stephen Roger Osborne

Hi Ling, without knowing what your startup is about, my comments are pretty general. Therefore, it depends. Amongst many other things, it depends on what industry you're in, what the scalability potential is like and how much skin the founders have in the game.
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Ling Lee

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thanks for the awesome answer Steve :D

Lisa Ormenyessy

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Ling, just some random thoughts. Other things you may like to consider during this process is how much is this start up worth to you to see come to fruitition. How passionate are you about this idea? The VC relationship can not be viewed solely on the dollars. Most 'big' ideas require a team. Consider what each person will bring to the team, ie leveraged relationships? Skills? New Markets that they are already in? If it is just about the dollars (as as Steve has put so rightly - go to a bank) If its about the percentages... remember its better to have 1% of something worth a lot than 90% of something not worth much. Good Luck!

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Jane Jones

Jane Jones, Manager at SavvySME

@Ananda Raj Pandey - It's important to building a relationship first before discussing money. You want to find people who have an interest in your business / product / what it is you're trying to do.  Check out this article too -

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Generally, if you think your caterer has done a smashing job for your event, then you’re more than welcome to tip them on top of paying for their catering services. It’s also perfectly fine to not tip your caterers in Australia. Tipping is mainly an American culture and isn’t as common here when dining out.

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Brian Dorricott

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Some stats for you. 88% of new business use the Entrepreneur's, family, friends, neighbours, etc. funds. 8% use Business Angels and 4% use Venture Capitalists.

Money from freinds and family is also easier to obtain since they believe in you. When you go to strangers, you are in sales mode which makes it challenging... always check out any grants that are available too (although they can come with reporting strings attached).

I'd only recommend selling equity (i.e. .to Business Angels and Venture Capitalists) when every other single avenue (including banks) has been exhausted.

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Mezzanine finance is a type of finance that is part debt and part equity. Essentially, if the debt is not able to be repaid, then the financier has rights to part of the equity in your business or project.

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Steve Osborne

Steve Osborne, director at Stephen Roger Osborne

A similar question* was asked some time ago by one of the Savvy community. Ling asked:
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